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Paddleboard Ceiling Racks

Paddleboard racks

“The best rack for your stick” - quality Paddleboard (SUP) ceiling racks by Cor Surf

ceiling storage SUP rack - durable GALVANIZED STEEL (only $42.99) » buy now
Paddle board ceiling racks made from durable galvanized steel

garage Paddleboard racks

The COR Ceiling Rack is great for paddle boards, surfboards, long boards, kite boards, and wake boards. It's made of durable galvanized steel with a protective cover to keep your board safe and ding free.

Store your Stand-up-paddle board overhead!

Utilizing a 180 degree bend the COR Ceiling Rack securely stores and displays your Stand-Up Paddle Board to the ceiling without complicated straps or cables. The rack opening is 10-1/2”. The COR ceiling rack will hold any size SUP.

Ceiling Paddleboard Rack (only $42.99)

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ceiling Paddleboard racks

Paddleboard wall racks - solid wood (only $34.99) » buy now
Paddleboard wall racks are made from real hard wood

surfboad wall racks

Cor Paddleboard wall racks are constructed from real hard wood. These Paddleboard racks look good, they're easy to hang, and they last. Show off your Paddleboard with the best surf racks on the market.

Single Paddleboard Rack (only $34.99)

Multi Paddleboard Rack - hang up to three Paddleboards (only $54.99)

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multi Paddleboard Wall rack - solid wood (only $54.99) » buy now
Paddleboard home storage racks made from real hard wood

Paddleboard Rack

The muti Paddleboard wall rack lets you hang up to three Paddleboards. Set them up or lay them down, it's all up to you. These surf racks are solid wood, durable, and easy to hang.

Multi Paddleboard Rack - hang up to three Paddleboards (only $54.99)

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Paddleboard (SUP) storage racks
Cor designs and manufacturs quality Paddleboard racks from galvanized steel with a protective cover. Our Wall Rack is made from real hard wood. Either way you are getting top quality paddle board racks that are easy to install, and look great.

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